Cortape Inc is a custom slitting converter of all tape products, accepting rolls up to 63″ wide. Our high-speed rewind slitters are designed to razor, score/crush cut or shear cut custom production quantities. Automatic Lathe slitters utilize bayonet-type slitting action for critical tolerances capable of slitting films, papers, foils, pressure sensitive adhesives, silicone coated substrates, fabrics, and non-wovens. This equipment can produce roll width down to .062″.

Razor Cut Slitting

The key advantage of razor slitting is the low cost and ease of setup. A razor blade is inserted through the material in one of several ways. The material may pass over two small idler rolls creating a space where the razor can be inserted; called razor in air, also the material can wrap around a special roller with groves cut into it and the razor can pass through the material into these grooves. Finally the material may pass over a hardened roller and the razor blade may pass through the material and cut against the roller. The razors are affixed in a variety of ways and slit width changes are simple. However this slitting method is limited mostly to thin films and is not as accurate as shear and does not produce as good an edge quality.

Score Cut Slitting

A slitting method whereby a rotating knife which can be sharpened to various angles is pressed against a hardened roller. As the web passes through this intersection it is slit. This method is commonly used for paper slitting and has the advantage of allowing for quick size changes. In many cases shear slitting is preferred because it can give a better slit edge and can cause less dusting.

Shear Cut Slitting

A slitting method commonly considered preferable both for the quality of the cut edge and the accuracy of the cut. A round male knife intersects with a round female knife with varying degrees of depth of intersection and side loading force. Both the depth and the amount of side or shear force will vary depending of the substrate being slit. In addition, key variables to consider are the diameter of the knife, the type of material it is made from, the angles the cutting edge are ground to, and the cutting profile of the male knife. The disadvantages of shear slitting are the initial cost of tooling and the time it takes to perform a set up.

Lathe Cut Slitting

Lathe cut slitting is a technique derived from Bologna slitting where a rotating blade cuts through a rotating log roll of specified length. Over the years Cortape has developed techniques that do away with the need for a rotating blade, so hence the term Bayonet or Lathe slitting.